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Smile with Confidence


Due to the fabulous outcome, this dental restoration was chosen as a front cover for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (JDC). It also starred in an advertisement for the IPS e.max product used to make Susie’s crowns. The case was challenging due to Susie’s history of deep purple tetracycline staining and previous dental treatments. The completion of her treatment came just in time for Susie’s role as mother-of-the-bride, and everyone was thrilled with the results. Read more about it in the JCD article HERE.

“I had very dark tetracycline-stained teeth from an antibiotic I was given as a baby. Over the years, I had lots of dental work done to try to fix the problem. My most recent crowns were very opaque, bulky and thick – almost like horse teeth. I began to research Omaha dentists and chose Dr. Michael Sesemann. He listened, made me feel important, and treated me as an individual. When I first saw my new teeth, I wanted to cry because they’re finally a reflection of me. I just love them!”