We are pleased to announce that your dental team at NICD received the first round of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during the week of January 10, with the second inoculation planned within 21 days.

This adds an extra layer of safety to the measures that already have been implemented at the office, which include:

• Air purifiers with HEPA 13 filters and ionizing mechanisms

• Fogging of the office in between patients and at night with hypochlorous (200 PPM) mist, an environmentally and physiologically safe method of sanitization

• Pre-appointment rinsing with molecular iodine, established as the top anti-coronavirus oral rinse

• Increased personal protective equipment (PPE) with upgraded masks featuring N-95 and KN-95 protection

• High-volume evacuation utilized in any aerosol-producing procedure

• Social distancing in a low-traffic environment, where patients can easily be isolated from each other

• Temperatures and virus questionnaire administered before admittance

• Standard dental sterilization and sanitization procedures

“Dentistry has historically been at the forefront of disinfection and sterilization procedures and now, during the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve taken that to a new level,” said Dr. Sesemann. “I am very proud of my staff for embracing these challenges and implementing these new techniques for the safety of all of our patients and their families. We also are very thankful that our patients have been so conscientious about reporting any potential COVID-19 contacts, and not taking any chances by coming into the office if they have the slightest health concerns.”

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