Don’t let her youthful demeanor fool you. Christy VanRyckeghem, CDA, has been on staff with Dr. Michael Sesemann for 25 years, acting as Comprehensive Case Coordinator for much of that time.
Christy is the fourth staff member to have devoted 25 years to NICD, and she claims the time has flown by. “Our practice has evolved so much and the type of dentistry we do is so interesting. Every day is different. We could be restoring a smile, placing an implant, doing a gum graft or even lip augmentation.
“I’m really proud to be a part of a practice where what we do is such a team effort – patients recognize it and tell people about us. That makes it all worthwhile.”

According to Dr. Sesemann, patients also recognize Christy for her compassion. “One of Christy’s most important contributions to our team is her support of patients. They often comment on how sincerely caring she is.”

Please join Dr. Sesemann and NICD in congratulating Christy on 25 years of devotion to dental excellence.

he evidence comes from a study conducted by the Australian National Survey of Adult Oral Health that recently was published in the Journal of Dental Research. Most surprising was the discovery that adults who had not had fluoride as children still received decay-fighting benefits from water fluoridation as adults. This reinforces the theory that water fluoridation has a topical effect in preventing dental decay. Research has long shown that when people are exposed to water fluoridation during their formative years, their dentitions are more strongly crystallized and gain an increased resistance to decay.

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